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REMEMBERING THE DRAGON LADY, Memories of the Men Who Shaped History In Support of the U-2 Spy Plane, was co-authored with Brig. Gen. Gerald E. Mcllmoyle (Ret.).

It is a collection of experiences, anecdotes and memories of 80 Air Force men and their families. In addition, the book contains experiences of U-2 pilots of the Royal Air Force and Republic of China Air Force.

The book was introduced in May 2008 at the last reunion of the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing veterans and their families and has continued to be a successful recollection of history-making events during the Cold War era, including the Cuban Missile Crisis. This 500 page book will soon be available in Air Force museums around the country.


"In 1951, modified bombers began overflights of the Soviet Union, and a number of border flights were shot down. At that time, the planners imagined a high altitude aircraft hard to detect and impossible to shoot down. ...

Flying the aircraft was not for the faint of heart; in fact, it was considered one of the most challenging aircraft in the inventory to fly and required a high degree of skill and ability from its pilots.

Jerry McIlmoyleThe difficulty experienced by seasoned pilots who flew the U-2 resulted in it being nicknamed "Dragon Lady" meaning the aircraft was extremely unforgiving. ...

Dragon Lady pilots were the first to fly and cruise above 70,000 feet; they were the first to fly with a pressure suit; and they were the first to gather intelligence information in many of the world's hot spots."


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Readers' Comments:

"I just finished the wonderful book of real life stories. It doesn't surprise me that they were told by so many widows. These were men who didn talk. They performed! It made my heart sing and I feel such a debt of gratitude to you and Jerry. All that time and effort has touched so many families and friends." Rogene Cordes, widow of Harry Cordes

"I have finished reading your book and have enjoyed it immensely. I never realized how dangerous it was to fly the U-2 and some of the problems you guys encountered. I have a new admiration for all pilots and U-2 pilots especially." Art Estes

"I received my book and immediately read the first few pages. I was truly amazed at the great professional job you did in writing and editing the book. I will be reading a lot more in the next few days." Quent Stokes

"I received my books and I have to add my kudos to you (Jerry), Patty (Jerry's wife), Linda and your daughter Maureen. It was a job well done!! I'm glad I was able to be a small part of it. I found all accounts very interesting. It confirms what an amazing plane the U-2 was and is." Jeanne Maultsby, widow of Charles Maultsby

"As I read the book, I recalled the time in 1962 when the Air Force took the CIA's planes and mission for the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Then in 1964 our detachment was deployed to the Philippines.  The US Ambassador ordered the group to leave the island.  The directive was overruled by "higher authority."  Still stinging from the Cuban Missile Crisis slight, the CIA went to the President of the Philippines to have the Air Force kicked out of the country.  Pay back time!"  Bob Ingram