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LINDA RIOS BROMLEY, a native Texan, was born in Del Rio and attended local public schools.  Her love for literature began at the Val Verde County Public Library, when as a child she and her sister checked out books for reading during long lazy summer days.  Biographies of historic figures were always a favorite of hers and that must have been the seed that grew into a life-long interest of people stories.

Linda retired from the U. S. Government in 1997 after having been employed in various occupations during her 33 year Civil Service career.  She enjoyed traveling and was fortunate to work in various locations:  Laughlin AFB, Texas, Charleston Naval Base, South Carolina, USAF Headquarters Europe, Wiesbaden, Germany, NASA and the Internal Revenue Service in Houston, Texas.

It wasn’t until she retired that Linda had time for creative writing, an interest for a number of years.  Her early writing was in the genre of children’s fiction.  However, it wasn’t until she met Robin Yeh, the subject of her first book, FREEDOM FLIGHT, that she found her niche in writing. “Everyone has a story to tell,” says Linda.

In May 2005, Linda was invited to attend and bring her book to the reunion of the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing veterans.  At that event, she met many of the men who had once supported the U-2 spy plane and were stationed at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio.  The organization’s once-Top Secret mission was now declassified and the men at the event had some fascinating stories to tell.  Following the reunion, Linda initiated a collaboration with Brig. Gen. Gerald (Jerry) McIlmoyle (Ret.) to chronicle these experiences.  The result was the book, REMEMBERING THE DRAGON LADY, which was introduced at the May 2008 reunion of the 4080th SRW.  It has been a great success, not only among Air Force veterans, but for anyone interested in US history.

Linda’s next project is in the early stages but it promises to be an equally interesting and fascinating book of people stories.